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Green Hero Food Waste Awareness Campaign

National food waste awareness program. What do we want to achieve via N.F.W.A.P ☑️To create a tracker for F&B to track their food waste daily ☑️Award 10 F&B in ... Read more

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Green Leaf Theatre House (Persatuan Penggiat Teater Green Leaf)

Currently based in Kota Kinabalu, the Green Leaf Theatre House caters mainly to the creative arts and the development of society as a whole, particularly the Youths. As Sabah's first and (curre ... Read more

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GT Community Care Berhad

We seek to the role as a catalyst to elevate the standard of living especially among the poor and needy. We believe not just hand-outs but provide them with education, skills and training. ... Read more

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GyeongChal Martial Arts Federation

a Martial arts Federation that promote Martial arts and awareness become Martial artist. Being active organize Championship,Seminar,Course and ETC activities to gather Youth. Will Be organizing the ... Read more

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Happy and Lovely Kids Therapy Centre PLT

Hi there, My name is Xharene Angellav Ongko, I am representing our social enterprise "Happy and Lovely Kids Therapy Centre PLT (HaLoKids)". HaLoKids Therapy centre is ... Read more

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Happy Neighbourhood @Edufeed Tree Services

My name is Maragret. I am running a community resource center named Jiran Ria ‘Happy Neighbourhood’ for the underpriviledge students, school drop-out children due to poverty a ... Read more

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HelpMyMasjid is a charitable agency that helps clean the mosque and provide equipment needed to rebuild a mosque after the flood. ... Read more

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Hikayat Hidup Kami (HHK) Project

Hikayat Hidup Kami (HHK) project is a project that focus on the issues regarding mental health. Under HHK Projects, there are two movement involves which are Kuching Support Group For The Neuroatyp ... Read more

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Our vision and mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by Autism through effective early intervention programmes focusing on behavior modification, initiate academic learn ... Read more